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Both original and arranged work has been edited down to pinpoint highlight sections

Original Music

Classical French

by CK Sussman | Runtime 3:05

Cry a Little

by Music and Lyrics by CK Sussman | Wedding, Proposal scene-Male Sung Love Song- Accepted As An Average Guy’s Achievement In a Love Song | Runtime 4:01

Montana Man

by Music and Lyrics by CK Sussman. Vocals by Warren Hartman of the Kenny Rogers Band | Travel - Opening or Closing Credits | Runtime Can Vary - 4:15 to 2:15


by CK Sussman | Gothic -17th-Century France - Mystery | Runtime 4:15

The Man I Can Be

by CK Sussman | Club Setting - Transitional - Romantic Conquest | Runtime 2:38


Baby Elephant |Pink Panther | Peter Gunn. Henry Mancini

by CK Sussman | Arrangement - Runtime 3:50

Midnight in Moscow (Moscow Nights)

by CK Sussman | Arrangement - Runtime 4:06

Chattanooga|Sunrise Serenade. Glenn Miller

by CK Sussman | Arrangement - Runtime 4:28

Splish Splash - Wipe Out Morph - B. Darin

by CK Sussman | Arrangement - Runtime 1:09

Lazy River. Hoagy Carmichael

by CK Sussman | Arrangement - Runtime 2:42

I Woke Up In Love (classical) Partridge Family Song

by CK Sussman | Arrangement - Runtime 3:09

Budweiser's, Here Comes the King. Original Arrangement

by CK Sussman | Arrangement

Christmas is the Time to Say I Love You - Billy Squier with Lawrence Welk Sound

by CK Sussman | Arrangement - Runtime 3:01

Featured Project


November of 2013: Thomas, a man that was given only weeks to live, had lyric’s and a melody that he had written when nearing the end of his life. For his final wish, he had requested of The Southern California Hospice Foundation his tune and words be recorded.

I was called and asked by the foundation if I would consider making this happen. They told me all they had was a YouTube video of Thomas singing to the nurses.

Knowing I had only two weeks to accomplish this “no failure” task, I agreed. Trying to arrange the tune so it had more than a melody was my goal. It was decided that Thomas would sing, never having recorded anything in the past.

Everything was readied for the two week time-line. Thomas was brought by ambulance to the LA studio, and in one afternoon his final wish was granted!

This was a gift for Thomas, and a gift for everyone involved.

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